Summer is here and things are heating up!

Things are really starting cook here at the OAHS!  The Summer newsletter is out (you can find a PDF on the Newsletters page), we’ve got two fly-ins coming up (see Events), we’ll be setting up a booth at the ATI Northwest Art & Air Festival in Albany and we are working with the Cottage Grove Public Library to create a really super display for September-October. We’ve also received, thanks to member Lorraine Troh Gabel, a wealth of aviation education materials geared to grades K-8.  The Board representative to the Public Outreach and Education Committee, Annette Buswell Whittington, will be creating a youth program based on these materials and we hope to put the first program on later this summer.  If that is something you’d like to help out with, drop us a line here at the OAHS.

Even with so much going on, we still would love to have you stop by the History Center any Saturday through September (or Tuesdays, as our work crew is usually here on that day).  The wing on the Baby Fleet is covered, we’ve got a new shipment of tee shirts in stock, and there is almost always someone here who can sit and chat a while about the planes and their stories.

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