Wings to Rockets (and back again)

We just finished installing the OAHS display for 2012 at the Cottage Grove Library, and it looks great! We start with the Wright Bros, Silas Christofferson, and Hank Troh, with a little does of local history in the form of a collage honoring Jim Wright thrown in for good measure.  Next we have a collection of engines and images: the Continental A-40 from the Springfield Cadet, a McCulloch drone engine, and the Le Rhone, all surrounded by images of vintage aircraft and their pilots.  We’ve incorporated four of the Timeline panels donated to us by Lorraine Troh Gabel (one of which inspired the concept of “Wings to Rockets” for this display), along with a great poster showing “How Things Fly.”

In the Blue Room we are highlighting the role of Oregonians in the space program, and I’ve got to give a shout out the the fantastic folks at the NASA “Aspire to Inspire” site.  I contacted them asking about female Oregonians involved in the space program and they not only directed me to Susan Helms information, but they connected me with a couple of other women with Oregon roots who are involved in non-flying aspects of the program.  Great service from this group and I can’t say “Thank You” enough!

Finally, we’ve put a small exhibit in the “teen” corner, with illustrations of both early aviators and Steampunk attire, to show how the two intersect.  We’ve got some flight caps, a bowler with scarf and vintage goggles, and great photos in there as well (see the header photo for an idea of what that looks like).

If you live in the area, stop by and take a look, then let us know what you want to see in next year’s display.  If you don’t live in the area, go to the Photo Gallery and check out the pix we took yesterday (under 2012 Cottage Grove Library).

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