A GREAT Start to the New Year

We hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday season and are settling back into the regular swing of things easily.  We have great news to start the new year off: the Murphy Rebel has SOLD!  If you recall, board member Ray Costello donated his Murphy Rebel to the OAHS specifically as a general fundraising vehicle, and it has sold.  Thank you to buyer Tim Bero for recognizing the beauty and the value of this fantastic vehicle.

In other news, the Richard and Diane Van Grunsven Family Foundation gave the OAHS three grants to help with some of our restoration projects: $1,000 toward the Great Lakes project, $1,000 to the Wimpy project, and $500 for the Whiffle Hen.  We really appreciate the support!

Your January newsletters should be in the mail by January 26, and if you haven’t yet renewed your membership you’ll find a reminder with your hard copy newsletter.  Remember, you can’t vote in the board of directors election unless you are up to date on your membership.

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