The Quest for Color Continues!

Well, it is taking a little longer than we had hoped to get the downstairs interior of the History Center painted, but we are clearly making progress.  We are also taking advantage of the fact that everything had to be moved around for painting and doing a little re-organizing of the displays and some of the shelved items in the library.

Here you can get a good idea of the difference in color from the old, grayish-blue to the new, brighter blue:

And here you can see a little hint of how we are rearranging our displays:


We are working hard to finish this up and get everything back into place before the Annual Meeting and Hall of Fame Ceremony on Saturday, April 9. If you want to help out, come on down on either Tuesday, March 29 or Friday, April 1. We’ll be able to put you to work somehow, I promise!

Speaking of the Hall of Fame Ceremony, there are still seats available for the lunch and ceremony.  Please contact DJ at if you have questions on how to send in your reservations.

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