Trick-or-Treat Success!

The annual Trick-or-Treat on Main St. in Cottage Grove, OR was a great success (we had so much fun we nearly forgot to take pictures!). The rain held off just long enough which made for a great turn out. OAHS gave out over 900 pieces of candy, and had over 100 free entries to our raffle for an RC Flyer. We also made a bit of money selling “extra chances” to win the flyer. It was wonderful to get our message out to the community, and to be so warmly welcomed!



3 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treat Success!

  1. Good morning! I took the liberty to forward this message from the Cottage Grove Sentinel. The C.G. Historical Society participates in a non-profit directory as a way to get a list of our monthly programs into the hands of the community — and a few years ago, the Oregon Aviation Historical Society participated in this promotional publication. I am associated with several non-profits who like this directory, so I asked if OAHS has participated. Tammy, can you tell us the cost of the ad and what your deadline is? I’ll bow out at this point and let the OAHS board and the Sentinel work together. Thanks to all, Lloyd


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