It’s Stearman Fly-In Time!

It’s nearly the first weekend in August. Each year, that weekend OAHS becomes host to a group of Stearman planes. What’s a Stearman, you ask?

The skies above Cottage Grove will echo with the roar of these powerful engines. Anyone in the area will look skyward to see restored biplanes from the early days of aviation.

Lloyd Stearman is the well known designer of the legendary Stearman biplanes, which had been in service with the first American airlines during the 1920’s.

Besides Sport Planes like the Model C-2 and Model 6 “Cloudboy”, he designed and built the famous Model C-3 and C-4 “Speedmail”, biplanes with a large compartment for mail service. The Stearman LT-1 was equipped with a luxurious, enclosed cabin for four passengers and a mail compartment, but open cockpit for the pilot (which was typical for those days).


Art by Jim Busha

While honoring the memory of our own Jim Wright, pilots and restorers of these WWII trainer biplanes gather for a laid-back, family-friendly event.

In the early 1930’s the Stearman Company designed and built a training airplane for the US Air Force and Navy, based on the earlier Model 6. The prototype, named Model 70 took the skies in 1934, followed by the final production series Model 75, which had its maiden flight the same year. Designed as a military aerobatic trainer it featured a rugged airframe stressed to high load factors of 12 Gs positive and 9 Gs negative.

The hallmark of all Stearman aircraft was that they were highly sophisticated and well made, but expensive machines.

When the Stearman Company was taken over by Boeing this airplane became known as the BOEING STEARMAN, produced in large numbers by Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita, Kansas.

While honoring the memory of our own Jim Wright, pilots and restorers of these WWII trainer biplanes fly in to Cottage Grove, so come see these terrific planes on August 3.

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