August 1, 2020 is the Day!

On August 1 we gathered to honor local pilot and builder, James L. Wright, inducted into the Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame for his contributions to the world of aviation.

A tireless promoter of aviation and a dedicated builder, Jim Wright was a true visionary. He was known as a community supporter here in Cottage Grove and friend to many.

It has been said the difference between a “pilot” and an “aviator” is that a pilot is a technician, while an aviator is an artist in love with flight.

Jim Wright was a skilled aviator who had a passion for preserving aviation history and the exhilaration of high-speed flight.

It is an honor for the OAHS Board of Directors to add James L. Wright to the Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame at this year’s OAHS Annual Stearman Fly-In.

Published by Oregon Aviation Historical Society

This museum offers visitors a chance to experience Oregon's colorful history in aviation. Here you will learn about aviation pioneers, the planes they built and flew, and the stories they left behind. From the Hedberg Resource Library to the many displays, you are invited to visit and gain a new perspective on the history you thought you knew.

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