Come, Take a Journey to Historic Bernard’s Field

Experience the excitement of the dawn of man’s first attempts to soar, free, high above the earth! Hear their stories told by the people who lived it. Feel the comradery and pioneering spirit that compelled Oregons’ adventurers to take to the air in planes they fashioned out of materials at hand. Take a virtual tripContinue reading “Come, Take a Journey to Historic Bernard’s Field”

August 1, 2020 is the Day!

On August 1 we gathered to honor local pilot and builder, James L. Wright, inducted into the Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame for his contributions to the world of aviation. A tireless promoter of aviation and a dedicated builder, Jim Wright was a true visionary. He was known as a community supporter here in CottageContinue reading “August 1, 2020 is the Day!”

The 2021 Commemorative License Plates are Here!

Be sure to check out our items for sale page for a limited chance to get one of these license plates made to honor Oregon’s Aviation Pioneers. 2021 marks A Century of the Oregon Department of Aviation (1921-1021) and you can be among the first to own these collectible commemorative plates. Just donate a $100Continue reading “The 2021 Commemorative License Plates are Here!”