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These unique gifts can’t be found anywhere else! All proceeds benefit OAHS and our mission to preserve Oregon’s aviation heritage.

2021 Oregon’s Aviation Centennial Commemorative License Plates

2021 marked A Century of the Oregon Department of Aviation
(1921-1021). You can own one of these collectible commemorative plates! Purchase one for $100 and we’ll mail
you one of these limited edition license plates. Proceeds benefit the new building fund.

2021 Commemorative Airplane License Plate

In 1921 Oregon established the first Department of Aviation in the nation and issued both aircraft and pilot licenses to pioneers, who continued building and flying their own aircraft even after the Federal Government attempted to suppress them. These plates celebrate their accomplishments over 100 years ago!


Check out the new OAHS 2021 Commemorative T-Shirt. These are ready for you in our gift shop, or call the office and order yours. They’re on SALE for $10 each!

IT’S HERE! • ACCEPTING OFFERS • 1937 Rearwin “Sportster” Ken-Royce 5F 90HP Needs final engine work and license. You can do this! • VISIT MY WEBSITE • Contact Oregon Aviation Histoical Society – OREGON AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Owner –  located Cottage Grove, OR United States • Telephone: 541-543-1068 • Posted November 20, 2019

REARWIN SPEEDSTER REPLICA PROJ • $20,000 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • Rearwin Speedster Replica Project, Core Menasco D4-87 engine, very complete. Request pictures. • VISIT MY WEBSITE • Contact Oregon Aviation Histoical Society – OREGON AVIATION HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Owner –  located Cottage Grove, OR United States • Telephone: 541-543-1068 • Posted November 20, 2019 •

There’s also an array of fun things found in our gift shop!

All prices include shipping! Be sure to include size and a mailing address with your purchase. We thank you for your support!!

Beaverton DVD- 2.5 hours

Video Compilations of interviews with the Beaverton outlaws who flew in 1930’s Oregon with photos from the era- showing the aircraft and pilots of a bygone era. – shipping included


Tex Rankin Great Lakes Poster

12X16 poster of the Rankin Special under full restoration here at OAHS! Free Shipping!


Black Cats and Outside Loops, Tex Rankin: Aerobatic Ace

Looking for a unique holiday gift? Look no further! Walt Bohrer’s book “Black Cats and Outside Loops” is sure to entertain- it is the tale of colorful world champion aerobatic pilot Tex Rankin. From barnstorming in the early 1920’s to running a well known aeronautic school in Portland, OR and Tulare, CA, it is a story of friendship, excitement, and tragedy. Free shipping!


Troh’s Air Taxi “Time Flies” Why Don’t You?

“A brief glimpse of Portland, Oregon’s developing commercial and private aviation history from is adolescent stage toward maturity, 1931 – 1968. Follow Henry P. Troh’s life as a pioneer aviation enthusiast, instructor and businessman. Special places, people, and airplanes from the Barnstorming era to building three airport operations, he made his mark on the future, giving rides to thousands of passengers, lessons to hundreds of pilots, and aircraft ownership to scores.” – Troh’s Air Taxi. –Free Shipping!


Vern Gorst and the Pacific Air Transport Air Mail

“At the beginning of the 20th Century, the aviation industry was being built by resourceful pioneers. As an aviation pioneer, Vern Gorst stood tall amongst his peers. He had ambition, the ability to recognize where public transportation was needed, and the ability to build successful businesses. On numerous occasions, in different places, and with different modes of transportation, Vern organized transportation companies where they were needed.With an expansive vision beyond aviation, Vern built several experimental types of transportation vehicles, including one that would go on land or water. Very early, he followed the progress of the Wright Brothers, and observed some of the earliest flights in Oregon. By 1913, he was flying his own aircraft on the Oregon Coast. He knew that air travel would become the preferred mode of transportation for cross-country travel at the expense of ground transportation, and he wasnt about to be left behind when it happened.This book chronicles Verns adventures from mining gold in the Yukon to making experimental vehicles to building transportation companies including the Pacific Mail Transport (PAT) company. It tells not only of the successes but also the mishaps along the way. Throughout his life, Vern was a technology enthusiast, adventurer, experimenter, business man, and a contributor to aviation and transportation history. His story is a profile of what is needed at any time to give birth to an industry and turn dreams to reality.” –Free Shipping!


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