Our Archives and The Hedberg Aviation Resource Library

Through the generosity of many people, the OAHS is accumulating a research library that is open for public use.  Our resource library contains books, videos, and magazines related to aviation in general and historic aviation in particular. Archived materials such as photos, newspaper articles, oral histories, letters, and other data are also available for examination and research at the History Center.  We are happy to help you find the information here at the History Center, but we cannot allow materials to be checked out.

Our archive room

We are happy to let you know that we have recently revised our Collections Management Policy to more fully reflect the issues and complexities of modern collections management. You can read the entire Collections Mgmt Policy here, and if you are thinking of donating anything to the OAHS, we encourage you to read the policy before you bring your collection to us.  We understand that every collection has personal and sentimental value; however, the historic or archival value of the collection may not be in keeping with our mission.  If that is the case, we will do our best to suggest other venues that might better serve your needs.  We do ask that you make arrangements in advance to bring your collection to the History Center in order that someone will be on hand to talk you through the process.

As time goes on, we’ll be uploading PDF files to this website that you can use to search our resources.  To search the files, you may have to open the Adobe Reader toolbar (click on the Adobe symbol on the right side of the gray toolbar that pops up on the screen) and enter your search data by using the “binoculars” icon.


The Hedberg Aviation Resource Library

Since data space is limited, the books and other printed material will include basic info, such as title, author, subject, etc. to help you find what you need.  If your search brings you to an item that you think might be helpful, but you aren’t sure if it is helpful enough to come to see in person, drop us a line and pick our brains a bit.  We’ll be happy to help anyway we can!

Bound Books                             VHS tapes                       DVDs

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