Our Heritage is Our Future

Flight…the dream of mankind throughout recorded history became a reality in the 20th century.  In Oregon, we’ve had all facets of aviation: from historic flights and famous pilots (of both genders) to technological advances.  From fledgling flights and innovations in early design and construction to space-faring astronauts, Oregonians have pursued their dreams of flight.

The goal of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and restore aviation artifacts for interpretive and educational display and to ensure the preservation of Oregon’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.

The Oregon Aviation Historical Society is located at 2475 Jim Wright Way, Cottage Grove, Oregon (see map below).  May through September, we are open on Fridays 10-3 and Saturdays 10-4, with private tours available at other times with advance notice.  If you’d like to mail something to us, please mail it to PO Box 553, Cottage Grove, OR 97424, as there is no mail service at the physical location.

There are a few links to PDF files on the site, and you’ll need to view them using Adobe Reader (which you can download for free here).

If you’d like to donate to the OAHS, you can do so using the PayPal button found on any page of our website.


©2012 Oregon Aviation Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) corporation.

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