We apologize if we have missed your visit to the museum in Cottage Grove. The OAHS Board of Directors is eagerly searching for the next great leader for our offices there and our hours are variable. Please call the museum at 541-543-1068 or send an email to oregonaviation.org@gmail.com to arrange a tour until we find our next wonderful General Manager.

PS: If you know someone in the greater Eugene area who fits this description, please let us know about that person, as they may be brought on board for the position. Thank you.

Director of The Oregon Aviation Historical Society:

Job Description:

  • Establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day to day operations of the nonprofit.
  • Serving as OAHS’ primary spokesperson to the organizations constituents, the media and the general public.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations throughout the state and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance OAHS’ mission.
  • Report to and work closely with the Board of Directors to seek their involvement in policy decisions, fundraising and to increase the overall visibility of OAHS throughout the State.
  • Supervise, collaborate with Board & volunteers in planning fly-ins and events through the year.
  • Use QuickBooks for bookkeeping and maintaining the financial records of the museum
  • Strategic planning and implementation.
  • Oversee organization of Board and Committee meetings.
  • Oversee marketing and other communications efforts.
  • Planning and operation of annual budget.
  • Coordinate with board on facility related projects including, but not limited to:
    • Museum displays & organization
    • Organization & sale of surplus artifacts
    • Archive management
    • Facility repair and maintenance


High School diploma or equivalent.

Classes in history, marketing, web design, or graphics preferred but not necessary.


24 hours per week


Our Heritage is Our Future

Flight…the dream of mankind throughout recorded history, became a reality in the 20th century.  In Oregon, we’ve had all facets of aviation: from historic flights and famous pilots (of both genders) to technological advances.  From fledgling flights and innovations in early design and construction to space-faring astronauts, Oregonians have pursued their dreams of flight.

The goal of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and restore aviation artifacts for interpretive and educational display and to ensure the preservation of Oregon’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.

The Oregon Aviation Historical Society is located at 2475 Jim Wright Way, Cottage Grove, Oregon (see map below). 

Time to Grow!

OAHS has outgrown the current facility. Through the efforts of a dedicated crew of volunteers, the museum has just completed restoration of SIX additional heritage aircraft that tell the incredible story of Oregon’s daring aviators.

Did you know the EAA and the homebuilt movement can trace their beginnings back to these same Oregonians. Now more room is needed to display these precious aircraft and artifacts–telling their stories.

Wimpy, once owned by “Beaverton Outlaw” Myron Buswell, whose story is told at OAHS.

We are nearly 1/2 way there
You can have an impact!

Approximately $400,000 will be needed to complete the addition of a 100’ x 100’ hangar next to the existing museum and history center.

It’s crowded in the museum hangar. Guests cannot even see the displays due to overcrowding. Please help expand the museum’s capacity by making a tax-deductible donation to the Oregon Aviation Historical Society & Museum at the address below.

You may also donate using your card through the button at the bottom of this page.
All funds generated through this campaign will be used to preserve the legacy created by the pioneering builders and pilots of Oregon and then share with visitors the stories of contributions made by early Oregon aviators.

Crowded OAHS Museum Hangar

Come for a visit! We are open Tuesdays through Fridays, 10-4. We are also available for private tours available at other times with advance notice.

To leave your legacy and donate to OAHS, you can do so today using the PayPal button found on most pages of this website.


©2012 Oregon Aviation Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) corporation.
EIN: 93-0863957

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